Get Your Facebook Branded and Converting

A webinar recording | taught by Natasha Berta
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Natasha Berta
Natasha Berta
Marketing Consultant & Business Technology Coach

About the instructor

Natasha is a Marketing Consultant with Heart who loves to support other smart people in business to use online tools to grow their business. 

She has a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Interactive Marketing as well as 24 years in the yoga and mindfulness space (so she "gets" other ways of perceiving things like business and marketing, intuition and creativity). 

Are you ready to take more control of your Facebook page?

Do you want to get it looking more in line with your biz branding?

Do you want to turn visitors into sign ups?

In this training I will walk you through my top tips on making your Facebook page awesome including a technical training on setting up "apps" on your page, This is a recording of a webinar I conducted in June 2016.

I'm sure you will get results form following these instructions :)

Course Contents

2 Texts
1.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Are you ready to rock your Facebook page?